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Targeted promotion of your pharmaceuticals in direct communication with a doctor or pharmacist - is certainly the most effective way to reach those who need them as soon as possible.

Not only that our expert medical educators will present your products in the best marketing sense, but they will also educate physicians or pharmacists which indications and diagnoses would require continued therapy with your product.

We at Commodatio take pride in the fact that we have very good relationships with many physicians of all specializations and pharmacists across the country.

Putting your trust in our ability to present and market your products in the best possible way- will certainly mark the decisive step in reaching your desired goal!
Expert assistance in promotion to physicians and pharmacists
Product management of your OTC products
Are you planning to introduce a new pharmaceutical product to the market without your own product management team?

Commodatio can offer you a complete "package" of services:
from market research to communication plans through traditional or digital channels.

Of course, of all our services, you can choose only the ones you want or think would be more "economical" for you if we handle that particular segment.

In any case, if you are introducing a new pharmaceutical product to the market, our engagement would certainly get rid you of many of the “headaches” that such ventures brings.

Our offers are always free and non-binding - so you can contact us without hesitation!
We organize promotions of your OTC products directly at points of sale!

Students of medical colleges - educated in the purpose and properties of your products - will conduct active promotion in pharmacies, shopping centers and other outlets across Croatia.

Direct contact with potential customers - judging from our experience - is always noticeable and also delivers the best results.

Let people get to know your OTC products first-hand - contact us for a non-binding free quote!
Organization of promotion of OTC products in pharmacies
Professional associates in promotion towards doctors and pharmacists
Are you planning to organize a business meeting or a professional pharmaceutical gathering that, at every "item", has to be at the desired level?

Don't have the time or the idea to create an "event" to attract the number of guests you want? Do you miss a reputable foreign or local lecturer that would make your professional gathering even more attractive?

Commodatio organizes expert lecturers, a hall, A / V recording, accommodation, food and other activities for your guests - all over Croatia!

We are 'following' your guest from the moment you send the invitation until the end of your stay. In other words, all your concern about the organization and the guests ends with our engagement!

Our exceptional experience in organizing professional gatherings and creating well-attended “events” - guarantees that your business meeting or event will be remembered for its excellent atmosphere and organization.

Contact us today!
If you would like your promotional materials to arrive at the place on time - contact us!

We will not only distribute your materials where and when you want - we will also unpack and prepare them for presentation!

We can also take care of the quantity and currentity of your promotional materials and help you with the props you intend to use.

Simply put: leave all the worry about distributing your marketing materials and props to Commodatio!
Distribution of your promotional materials
Creation of promotional materials for the pharmaceutical industry
Brochures, leaflets, packages, catalogs, invitations, posters, stand design ... all these are the tools and materials you often need when promoting products and services - and we can create it in HQ, promptly and affordably!

An experienced team of people - who knows what is 'IN' and what is 'OUT' in the pharmaceutical industry - will graphically design your material and write a marketing-effective copy for any promotional "channel" of your choice:
from a regular flyer - to a Jumbo poster and from an electronic slide to a radio message!

You have no idea how to arrange your booth for a trade show or promotion?
We can offer a preliminary stand design - with all the elements provided for a successful and distinguished presentation. We can also assist you in equipping and installing it.

We know that you want everything done in one place - so what our designers and professional copywriters write - we can print, set and deliver wherever you want!

If you need to create any promotional material for the pharmaceutical industry domain, let us know as soon as possible!
Commodatio was founded in 2013 and since then we have been successfully operating profiling as a reliable partner for marketing activities in the pharmaceutical industry.

We provide our clients with meaningful and effective support in all their marketing activities.

Commodatio's team of experts has a wealth of experience in designing pharmaceutical marketing campaigns and strategies - which have proven successful for our clients and in market-unfavorable conditions.

The main credo of our business is to focus fully on the quality realization of all the promotional needs of your company - knowing that your business success is also our best reference.

If you're embarking on a marketing campaign in the pharmaceutical industry - let us know for a free quote!

Ana Dürrigl, managing director
Ana Dürrigl, DVM
managing director

More than 14 years in pharmaceuticals - extensive experience in all segments and types of marketing projects.

A fruitful long-term cooperation with companies of all profiles: from market-starters to prominent international companies (Pfizer, J&J, Nycomed, Allergan, Vichy, Bayer...).

Flexibility, a sense of customer needs, a positive attitude and perseverance are the main characteristics of the 'captain' of this company.

If you are looking for the right person to help promote your products and services in the dynamic pharmaceutical sector - please contact Mrs Ana Dürrigl!

Contact cell phone091 377 33 66            E-mail us!

It has been our pleasure to work with many firms and companies - here, in alphabetical order, we list only a few...
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